Who are The Original Kings of Podcasting?

In the year of our Lord 2006, King Marc Chambers the – 2nd and The "King of Pod" Tod Perry, former feudal peasants at 97.1 KLSX Los Angeles, embarked on their first royal mission as the hosts of Low Budget Radio on 103.7 KSCF Free FM San Diego.  After seven months, the station fell into the hands of a rival kingdom and the two were exiled for over one and a half years.

Chambers and Perry would re-emerge from exile in 2009 for Low Budget FM  – a podcast version of the radio show. King Perry would later move on take the throne of the Far Out! Podcast which still runs to this day today while also spending time in the royal court of "The Brian Whitman Podcast."  

King Chambers would reign over "Low Budget FM" until its demise in 2013 while dabbling in a side venture known as, "To Kill a Podcast."

After many years watching the once grand art form of podcasting grow stale, the two have ascended to their thrones once more to glorify Christendom by aligning forces as The Original Kings of Podcasting

When they’re not podcasting, King Marc Chambers the -2nd practices technical witchcraft in the Bay Area of California. Tod “The King of Pod” Perry labors as a scribe in the Los Angeles area.

The Royal Court of the Original King of Podcasting

Steve Shaw – The Show's Announcer, Luke on "The Heller Mysteries," and Caller on "The Odessa Star." Steve is a stand-up comedian from New York City, follow him on Twitter @SteveShawJunior.

Yanira Johnson – Vanessa on "The Heller Mysteries." Yanira works for 790 KABC Radio in Los Angeles. Follow her on Twitter @yanirajohnson.

Meg Campbell – Suzanne Heyward-Bey on "The Podsultant, Pt. 1" and "The Podsultant, Pt. 2." Follow Meg on Twitter @girlhack.

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